Magazynowanie energii - co to jest i jak działa?

Energy storages allow surplus electricity to be stored during the day and used when photovoltaics stop producing after sunset or at night, this allows the prosumer to manage energy wisely and get a quick payback on the installation. Energy storage also allows the stored energy to be used as a back-up power supply when there are power shortages or some problem on the connections. By using energy storage and minimising the giving up and taking down of energy, you are able to reduce your home maintenance costs to practically zero.

Energy storage for a single-family home – which one to choose?

When choosing an energy store for your home, you should take into account the daily energy demand in your home and the annual average, which will guide you in choosing the right appliance. For the classic model of a three-person family (2 adults + child), the optimum energy store is one with a capacity of around 10 kWh. However, it is advisable to organise an energy audit before choosing an energy store, as choosing the optimum appliance will not only reduce the cost of everyday living, but also increase the efficiency of the installation.

Energy storage – cost-effectiveness

You hear so much good things about energy storage, but is it really cost-effective, after all, the most important issue? Do we even need such energy storage at home? If you want to make money from it, then rather knock this subject out of your head. However, if you want to protect yourself against power shortages or prevent your installation from shutting down during peak hours, then this is the product for you! Energy Storage completely solves these problems.

Energy storage facilities on the Polish market

The development of the Polish energy storage market is determined by the need to stabilise the grid, for which overloading is becoming an increasing problem. A grid that is unstable is a topic in recent times that we often have to deal with. The big energy companies know that this is the technology of the future and it is worth taking an interest in, it will not only bring financial benefits, but it will also be good for the environment and the economy. Using the energy we produce, which we can additionally store in a home energy store, eliminates the problem of transmission losses and the need to constantly invest in distributed infrastructure, which makes energy stores the optimal solution today for both prosumers and the largest energy companies in Poland.